Steppe amulets

A collection of amulets “All times of the steppe power lines: Ravines” is on the site. I still want to continue this series – only there is no time) Half of the “Ravine” series has already been sold out. What I have left was shoted in a new light. Repetition is impossible, but to order […]

Seasonality of dragons

“How do you determine which dragon is autumn and which, for example, winter? And why is there no season for some at all?“ There are Baby Dragons that initially, even during the period of conception, turn out to be seasonal. The fabric/skin determines the alliance. But this does not work for everyone. Whether the Baby […]

A new sight of the elders

While uploading old dragons to the site, I could not resist – and healed a couple of the most luxurious of the earliest. This Baby Dragons weren’t amateurish. But something about their appearance needed to be improved: the eyes. And I was not mistaken – now they look stunning. Of course, a photo session followed. […]

Attention: Action!

Everyone who ordered a Baby Dragon will receive a mask made of the same fabric (or another one by choice) as a gift. Standard size adult (or child) mask. A mask can be made according to your pattern.

A hundred Baby Dragons later

It seems to me that every writer, rereading her first stories, thinks: “I would have written differently now.” Here is the same thing with dragons! And it’s not just the accumulation of techniques, although the techniques mastered have a strong impact. There are also materials that I did not even know about. Palettes that allowing […]

Around the world

A tiny achievement at over 10,416 kilometers. For the first time, one of my Baby Dragon flew to the United States — to the Texas! This is Kajol Pondy. A fabulous story that in the year of quarantine it took only 14 days for such a long journey. The other side of the globe! The […]


For those who have already bought Baby Dragons, or are going, or are just happy every time I post new gallery. Unlike folders on Facebook or VK, the store site allows me to sort Baby Dragons by any mark. And there are different sortings already: by color, by fabric, by what is pictured, and by […]


It is very symbolic that I started my own website after finishing the first hundred Baby Dragons. The same number of things are ready, if not more. So I have a lot of work … I would also like to thank Lilith for helping me with the installation and configuration of the site. Thanks!