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  • Of those who know

    I almost wrote that these were my first foxes. But I already had Marga Kitsune! So they’re just foxes. That is, not just foxes. Foxes are always not “simple”.

  • One hundred and thirty

    In the cold winter, the streets are dark, but somewhere in the city, on the illuminated streets, shelves of cakes are shining in the windows. They will be my source of serotonin and dopamine until spring. (Tatjana Nazarova)

  • The one who waits

    Christmas tree decorations will not be on sale this year. But you won’t be left without the opportunity to get a special winter gift! “The One Who Waits” – a collection of cat-brooches.


    From November 2 to December 15, GREAT PRE-NEWYEAR DISCOUNT 33% on everything except Baby Dragons from 1st to 85th. Baby Dragons from the first to the 85th are on sale WITH a 50% DISCOUNT. You can buy everything where has the price – or follow the link. Please note: the website contains old prices, no […]