Tiger, tiger! (part one)

Since the Belarusian tigers have already reached Minsk, I am bragging. I ordered a series of these New Year’s mascot toys myself. Because. And despite the fact that I have been doing Smoks for the second year and making these cuties for a long time, I still cannot get tired of the WRW colours…

Happy new year!

The main joy of this year: the site dragons-things.ru, launched in August. It is still not fully completed, but the bulk of the work is behind. First of all, I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to Leigh Lee, who responded and helped to install a wordpress on my host, and then helped […]


It is very symbolic that I started my own website after finishing the first hundred Baby Dragons. The same number of things are ready, if not more. So I have a lot of work … I would also like to thank Lilith for helping me with the installation and configuration of the site. Thanks!