From November 2 to December 15, GREAT PRE-NEWYEAR DISCOUNT 33% on everything except Baby Dragons from 1st to 85th. Baby Dragons from the first to the 85th are on sale WITH a 50% DISCOUNT. You can buy everything where has the price – or follow the link. Please note: the website contains old prices, no […]

One hundred twenty-eighth

Once I asked my friends to help me translate the name for the Baby Dragon subspecies “Crowned Crested Tails”. In the end, this task was completed by one linguist and two biologists from the Darwin Museum (and rightly so: if you do, do it as well as possible). Coronifera cristicauda has many small differences from […]

For everyone who loves Miyazaki

Before I started making Baby Dragons, I made four Asian dragons, very large – about a meter each. One now lives in Moscow with a new mistress, and three are decorating my room, working as a constant reminder that I did such things, and I didn’t like it. Because it’s too long and boring. Actually, […]

Flock of owls

This is the first order of things – and the first “corporate” order, because the logo had to be repeated. To settle all the questions, I preferred to make a test owl and send it to the customer. The finished thing is more convincing than the most accurate drawing – for me, for sure!