From November 2 to December 15, GREAT PRE-NEWYEAR DISCOUNT 33% on everything except Baby Dragons from 1st to 85th. Baby Dragons from the first to the 85th are on sale WITH a 50% DISCOUNT. You can buy everything where has the price – or follow the link. Please note: the website contains old prices, no […]

Flock of owls

This is the first order of things – and the first “corporate” order, because the logo had to be repeated. To settle all the questions, I preferred to make a test owl and send it to the customer. The finished thing is more convincing than the most accurate drawing – for me, for sure!

DRAGONS & things on Etsy

The store on performs the same function as on if you really want to make a purchase through these sites, no problem, I will post what you need. But I will not waste extra time on a shop on Etsy: reading the posts of the community dedicated to Etsy was rather frightening. If […]

June Lady-Beetles

After much thought, I found the following way to attract with a beautiful picture, and not cause alarm to those who are stressed by the sight of insects. I will be showing a map of the materials that were used for each June Lady-Beetle. With a link to the corresponding pages of my site – […]