Meeting on the bookshelf

When Athena flew to Minsk to her mistress, at first she lived in Amanita‘s house. That’s how they met. But they didn’t have a chance to meet each other on my shelves: Black Amanita was completed just a year ago, in mid-January, and immediately went to Belarus – six months before the appearance of Athena…

Baby Dragons Habitats Map

Rotten gave me the idea for this map last year. Then, somehow, everything piled up at once … But the idea did not let go. And finally, the map is ready. So far, only in Russian. For help with the program, thanks to Olga, the permanent customizer of the site, for help with the map […]


I continue to follow the living of the flew away Baby Dragons. The meeting of the two ones from Minsk was accompanied by Ryzhy. Ryzhy liked it, the hostesses too! By the way, Blue-eyed is a veteran of the protests who visited both Zmagarych and the Square of Changes. And judging by the active civic […]

Isabel and Tagai

It so happened that almost all Baby Dragons from second hundred flew away to their new homes. And often they flew away on that day when I finished them. I didn’t have time to admire them enough how I had to follow the tracker number … That is why every photo message about the successful […]

Adventures of Baby Dragons

In the new year — with a new section! In fact, the need for the “Adventure” rubric has been long overdue. Not all Baby Dragons, having found a new home, calm down on the bookshelf. For some, everything is just beginning: photo shoots, installations and other activities. I post photographs which sent to me as […]

Blue-eyed in Blue-eyed

Although Minsk is geographically closer than New York – and even St. Petersburg is further from Volgograd – Belarus is now a true “place of power”. Therefore, it is so pleasant to boast that Blue-eyed is conquering its historical homeland! … And the telegram-channel “Basta!” wrote about her as “a very cute mini-version of the […]