One hundred twenty-eighth

Once I asked my friends to help me translate the name for the Baby Dragon subspecies “Crowned Crested Tails”. In the end, this task was completed by one linguist and two biologists from the Darwin Museum (and rightly so: if you do, do it as well as possible). Coronifera cristicauda has many small differences from […]

Sisters Farfor

My hands were itching for a long time to work again in the Gzhel style. And when they gift me a certain amount of Czech beads, I could not resist – and made two at once. Because I couldn’t decide which crest to make: white or blue? But now there is a Chinese woman Jiey […]

One hundred and twentieth

I would have made loud news that the site has finally moved to a new server … But over a month of downtime, more interesting news has accumulated. For example, Medusa Purpura with silvery gray kyanite. Planted on a leaf for a photo shoot, Medusa-chan showed her secret essence of an exotic caterpillar, of course, […]